Custom Software

We build custom software systems for business.

Typically the software runs on PCs, and various mobile devices laptops tablets, phones.

Typically the data is held in the cloud so it can be seen both in and out of the office.

We can integrate with legacy systems so you don’t have to replace your old familiar 32-bit or even DOS system, we can add those modern features such as signature capture, online portals, automated emails etc…

For some of our clients we deliver small simple solutions for a particular need, for others our software manages their whole workflow.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and lets see if we can help.

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Production Management & Scheduling
  • Project & Work Management
  • Warehouse & Stock Control
  • Integration with legacy systems – Sage, Opera, Phoenix
  • Retail Systems
  • Signature Collection
  • Document Generation
  • Customer Portals
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Working